Jazz in the Third Age (j3a) is a “little big band”. We play contemporary arrangements for “4 to 6-horn combos” and for vocals. We are inclusive for musicians whether active, inactive, new to or returning to jazz. The emphasis is on having fun whilst rehearsing, improving and performing in public. We currently have members from eight U3As.

We are now keen to perform in public and we gig once or twice each year. We are getting interest from other U3As to perform with them and we explain on the Interested In Booking Us? page just what’s involved – the essential factor is that we are available only on Monday afternoons.

As well as the “standard” jazz frontline instruments of trumpet, sax and trombone we double parts and include other instruments like flute, clarinet and piano accordion as well as a  rhythm section. The beauty of this line up is that it produces a “big band” sound with a smaller line up which is amenable to instrument variation.

Jazz in the Third Age is only for members of a U3A, but if you’re currently not a member of a U3A this band might still be for you – joining a U3A is a very small cost and will open up the wider opportunities within U3As.  Have a look at what St Albans U3A has to offer here: www.stalbansu3a.org.uk , and find out what you need to do to join a U3A.

Some more frontline instruments are very welcome and orchestral and brass band instruments are encouraged.

So if you’d like a shot at playing jazz but play an (to jazz) “unconventional” instrument then don’t be put off – make contact via the Contact us page…

Please remember that this band is inclusive and musicians who have no jazz experience should not be inhibited from contacting us. There is still room for some more musicians as the band is keen to double up on front line parts; it’s all part of the inclusiveness principle.